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Advice and care

How do you clean and care for your watch to keep it in perfect condition? What do you need to know about Gentlemaan automatic watches?

Mechanical watches require greater attention than quartz or digital watches. That’s why we’re bringing you the crucial information you need to know about Gentlemaan watches, which are all automatic mechanisms. Here are our tips and best practices to keep your timepiece running smoothly for years to come.


The automatic watch mechanism exploits the wearer’s movements. When the arm is in motion, a rotor is activated, sending kinetic energy through a series of gears to the mainspring. A spring which, when tightly wound by the winder, unwinds progressively, powering the watch movement autonomously until the power reserve is exhausted.

Automatic watches are complex and delicate, involving dozens or even hundreds of mechanical parts.
So acquiring the right reflexes isn’t difficult, but it does require rigor, because watches have a sensitive mechanism that’s vulnerable to damage. That’s why it’s important to take care of them with a few simple gestures. Sounderstanding how your watch works will help you make it your own, and knowing how to look after it will extend its life as much as possible.




Gentlemaan watch movements feature an anti-shock safety system that protects the critical alignment of the balance wheel axes. Despite this, the impact of a shock or a heavy fall can be problematic, especially when it comes to the internal workings of the watch. The assembly of parts and the parts themselves may be damaged. This can result in a faulty movement that will cost more to repair or replace altogether.


Your Gentlemaan watch is water-resistant to 3ATM. Nevertheless, water is a great enemy of automatic watches, so you need to be careful.
Especially where you store your watch when not in use. Constant exposure to water can cause rust, even on stainless steel. It is therefore advisable to store it in a dry place, and the crown should always be securely locked to prevent accidental infiltration.


To keep your watch sparkling, you need to care for it, clean it and maintain it regularly.
To clean your automatic watch, you just need to wipe it with a cloth slightly moistened with lukewarm water, then dry it quickly with a dry cloth. If you wish, you can also use PH-neutral soap.
Do not use chemicals or solvents, as they may damage the watch's surface.


Subjecting the watch to very low or very high temperatures may impair the condition of the lubricants and thus affect the watch's operation. As such, avoid wearing the watch in very hot or very cold environments on a recurring basis. Also, sudden movements during sports can affect the mechanism.


The movement of Gentlemaan watches is largely made of non-ferrous materials, hence its ability to withstand strong magnetic fields. However, automatic movements can remain sensitive to strongly magnetic objects. With extreme overexposure, the mechanism may suddenly stop working due to excessive magnetic interference. In everyday life, smartphones and other electronic devices are not your enemy, but please do not store your watch close to them, and please keep away from magnetic objects with powerful waves so as not to interfere with the movement and precision of your watch.


Automatic watches need to be serviced by a watchmaker every 3 to 5 years. Over time, friction between parts will generate undesirable friction and micro-deposits that interfere with movement and degrade its performance. Cleaning the mechanism is meticulous and must be carried out by a professional watchmaker, who will perform a complete maintenance service that also includes lubrication.

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