It all starts with a dream

We see the creation of a watch as an adventure in itself.
The Gentlemaan adventure really began when we decided to turn our lifelong passion into a true watch brand

It all starts with a dream

We see the creation of a watch as an adventure in itself.

The Gentlemaan adventure really began when we decided to turn our lifelong passion into a true watch brand

At the origin of the project

The vision

To cross the limits, like all the legendary men who inspired Gentlemaan and marked history with their strength of character. Going beyond their primary function, our watches are born with a particular philosophy: audacity. 
The audacity to believe in oneself and to seize the opportunities offered by time.

Nous We plunge our creativity into the vestiges of past centuries and illustrate the dials of our watches with perspectives inspired by astronomy and its mysteries to bring our collections to life.

« We believe that there is a universal energy that generates situations. »

Founder of the Gentlemaan brand discussing the lunar and mechanical inspirations of the watches

Turning a simple vision into a custom watch


We draw on our experience in high-end watchmaking and our team of designers influenced by the fashion capitals of the world to transform our vision into a unique, custom-made timepiece under specific conditions.
Authenticity, quality and passion are our watchwords in order to bring our most beautiful ideas to life.

For the technical realization, we surround ourselves with and benefit from the meticulous know-how of world-renowned watchmakers.

From sketch to reality


The journey towards the development of a new watch involves a long creative process and dedicated thinking, during which drafts are developed in close collaboration with our watchmakers, while the design wishes and technical requirements are gradually refined.

Although perfection does not exist, we strive to come close. From then on, a first prototype is made, halfway between art and technique: This is the moment when our vision comes to life and the dream becomes reality!

Man drawing the sketches of the Galileo watch of the Gentlemaan brand

Technical refinement and material selection


Because the choice of materials is an essential step in the manufacturing process of an exceptional product, we select the materials for our watches with great care. These are constantly re-evaluated to ensure the precision, aesthetics and longevity of Gentlemaan watches.

We make every effort to analyse each component in order to offer you watches that are light, robust, easy to wear, distinguished and elegant.

Watchmaker assembling by hand the Galileo automatic watch from Gentlemaan

Respect for watchmaking traditions


Once the design and technical specifications are fully approved, we begin production in our workshops where each watch is precisely hand-assembled by experienced watchmakers for whom attention to detail is paramount.

Working in watchmaking workshops with state-of-the-art facilities, our experts produce what they do best: automatic watches with complications that make them unique.

Strict requirements

Quality control

We guarantee the high quality of our watches and ensure this by scrupulously controlling all stages of the manufacturing process. Although manufactured under the best conditions, all our products undergo strict quality control in accordance with official regulations. Absolutely everything has been examined with a fine-tooth comb: power reserve, water resistance, magnetism, shock resistance, etc.

Indeed, the watches are tested and controlled, before being carefully packed by hand in our workshop.
Customer satisfaction being at the heart of our concerns, we are very careful to check all our products before sending them.

Man controlling the quality of Gentlemaan watches during post-production quality control
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