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More than a shared passion,

The accomplishment of a family dream.

Gentlemaan is an audacious challenge born from the dream of two cousins with a passion for history and astronomy, with a simple ambition: to dress men of character who carry the seal of natural elegance.

Immersed in the world of watchmaking from an early age, we were immediately attracted by our parents’ fascination with these jewels. A passion transmitted with love and a particular philosophy: the one of “appreciating time at its true value” according to their own expression.

As we grew older, we continued to feed our curiosity about the watch industry, while keeping in mind this adage from which we developed our own vision of time.

Driven by the desire to break the codes, we are proud to offer custom-made timepieces that meet the criteria of high-end watchmaking and use carefully selected materials.

We are convinced that elegance and the assertion of one’s personality are nowadays very important in everyone’s daily life, and we wish to ease access to it.

Not just a watch, a lifestyle

The world at your fingertips

Gentlemaan is determined to take you on a timeless journey with every glance at your wrist. Resulting from the combination of vintage and contemporary aesthetic codes, we seek to design exceptional watches for equally exceptional men, where each collection would carry a different message. We believe that a simple object can become a source of inspiration and motivation when it symbolizes values that correspond to you.

Our goal? Combining innovation and respect for tradition by combining quality, precision and outstanding aesthetics. We are committed to producing quality watches that stand out for their originality. Much more than classic timepieces, the watches of our watchmakers are masterpieces designed to capture and punctuate moments in life and allow each person to take a new look at time.

Timeless, wearing a Gentlemaan watch opens up a world of infinite possibilities to all those daring enough to explore it…

Time, differently.

We start from the premise that you are unique in the world and that everyone can bring something innovative. Everyone can change the rules and challenge the norm. Everyone can evolve and propose their own vision of elegance and make the ordinary extraordinary.

Small family business based in France, we turn our love of watches into an exciting adventure to be lived every day.

“Influenced by the great men of the past, present and future, the tradition of the gentleman is carried on from generation to generation […] as this heritage matures, we wish to pass on our love of watches in the hope of inspiring and embellishing your own history. “

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